Fritz ProAquatics Reef Pro Mix

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What is marine salt mix and why is it important to use in your tank?


Marine salt mix is a product that helps you to mix saltwater at home to keep your marine fish and corals healthy and thriving. When choosing to have a saltwater tank, this means that there will be some extra work involved in keeping your marine fish and corals clean and safe. However, mixing your own saltwater doesn’t have to be hard! It isn’t as easy as adding table salt to your tank…but it is as easy as buying the right salt mix.


What is Fritz ProAquatics Reef Pro Mix?


We prefer FritzPRO R.P.M Reef Salt Mix 48 lb Bucket (180 Gal)as the top choice for salt water mix brands. This brand had a booth at this years’ Reef-A-Palooza that we attended, and we wanted to highlight the benefits it could provide for your saltwater tank.


Fritz ProAquatics Marine Salt Mix boasts a complete mix with elements such as:


  • The mix contains all essential major, minor and trace elements.
  • It has enhanced buffer levels, meaning that it quickly reaches a stable pH when mixing.
  • Mixed without nitrates, ammonia, or phosphates.
  • Is enhanced with extra potassium, magnesium, and calcium.


This salt mix uses high quality ingredients and raw materials that are specifically formulated to best sustain both your marine fish reef animals.

Why use Fritz ProAquatics Reef Pro Mix?


Fritz ProAquatics states that “RPM is manufactured in our own facility in small batches to ensure complete quality control, rather than outsourced to generic chemical blenders with uncertain quality. Our salt blending equipment is devoted solely to the production of aquatic products, preventing contamination issues. Fritz’s unique production process promotes a uniform particle size minimizing stratification of the salts. Each batch is assigned a lot number and tested by in-house quality control to ensure its chemical quality and purity before it is shipped”.


Because of these reasons, RPM should be a top choice for your saltwater tank! High quality is important in order to maintain the healthiest of aquariums. If you are interested in purchasing the product for your home or office tank, visit these listings here.


And remember, if you need help maintaining or setting up your personal saltwater tank, we have you covered! Contact us today for more information on our mobile tank maintenance.